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Timberland Investing

Fundamentally, timber is a commodity.

Timber markets are local markets both from a land value and a timber value perspective.

Local knowledge executed in a disciplined way is the difference. Active management is what turns average results into excellent returns.

Wilmon provides a disciplined and long-term approach to investing in timberland.

Our ability to add value to the natural growth of the forest stems from our long track record of evaluating and participating in every aspect of the timber market.

We know our local markets very well.  Our established reputation in the region provides benefits through each phase of timber ownership.

Since the biggest contributor to timber returns—above natural growth—is the purchase price of the investment, Wilmon applies its 40 years of experience to help its clients make the best buying decisions possible.

We tailor our approach to meet our client's needs. Clients may be institutional or individual investors who have either been in the timber market for many years or are new to this asset class.